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Designer Curtains For Privacy & Decor

What Are Mosaic Curtains

Made up of small multi coloured anodised aluminium links. These links give the opportunity to design custom curtains in multiple colours. Not only can you create ambiance, and seclusion with the different colours, you can design images, and logos into the design by changing out links and colours. Mosaic curtains can be made in multiple combinations of sizes, of height and width.  Given that the links are aluminium the curtains are very light. The links come in gloss and matt finish, with two sizes of links available, the smaller link allows for finer definition.

The best way to think about the links in terms of design, is to relate each link to a pixel. The curtain hangs from a rail, the rails can be fixed to the wall or ceiling.

To create volume, we join curtains at different angles. Rails can also be curved and formed to give a wave effect. Curtains can also be made to open and close, also floor fixed. 

Application is only limited by one's thinking. The coloured links allow for an amazing effect with the combination of light. The links can be set out in two different spacing's.